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Bethel Educational Organization

From the start, with heart and soul.


founded in 1956 and located in LA. Bethel came in China in 2011, and built the first preschool in Zhengzhou. We have 6 preschools and one primary school during these 7 years. In accordance with the standard of the international

school and the unique characteristics of the region, Bethel designs the school meticulously, it aims to build a healthy environment for kids with caring atmosphere. With a good educational platform, we hope all the children in 

Bethel can have the international and systematic educational model, enjoy the most professional educational resource.

 Zhengdong Campus 

Jinsha Lake Campus

Longzi Lake Campus

Kaifeng Campus

Nanyang Campus

Xi’an Campus

We have an English environment with educators who are American Natives

and teach American course. The children are completely immersed

in the English language and grasp the ability to use English quickly.

Kids are put in 6 different them classroom which will promote the 

development of kids.

 Functional Classroom


The Outdoor Classroom evolves from the real needs of children, fulfills the promise of childhood by providing a unique play and nature-based program that encourages and celebrates children’s development.

Bethel International School always insist to bring the new and appropriate education to kids. Why do we bring the Outdoor Classroom to China? We hope all the children have the chance to feel the nature, the  life and the harmony between human and nature, to learn how to relax and  pleasant,  and  to  pay attention to all the details and beauties around us by the Outdoor Classroom Project.

The Outdoor Classroom Workshop in Jinsha Lake

The outer and inner design of Jinsha Lake campus follows the highest standards of the children’s learning needs. Based on the needs of the outdoor teaching project of the California Child Educational center, the concept of the outdoor teaching is integrated into every corner of the design of the park.


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