Introduction of Teachers

In Behtel  School, everything goes around with kids. The proportion of teachers and kids is 1:5 and the proportion of faulty members and kids is 1:3. 
 Teachers are mainly divided into 4 classes, namely foreign teachers, English assistants, kindergarten teachers, and special class teachers. 
Foreign teachers, with Bachelor degree or above and over 5 years working experience in education, are from America and selected by America Bethel School. They can not teach in Bethel until they get approval of SAFEA and work visa. 
English assistants: Bachelor degree or above, TEM 8, overseas students whose mother tongue is English, IELTS score over 6.5, and pass the interview with Bethel foreign teacher.
Kindergarten teachers: preschool education major,  college degree or above, 2-5 years working experience, and with certain English foundation. 
All teachers need to go through Bethel 40 hours pre-service training to get the qualification certificate of completion. Meanwhile, to do the physical examination at an appointed hospital and get the Health Certificate before entry. 
Bethel logistic staff are mainly like clinic, school bus, kitchen and security room. Two medical workers need to have the physician qualification certificate and the nurse certificate. School bus driver should hold A1 driving license that is audited by the Traffic Police Brigade. Through the check, the driver is permitted to drive the school bus.    
Kitchen  staffs: include the head chef, chef, dietitian, west division chef, baker, and kitchen assistant. The dietitian is responsible for combination of  Chinese food and western food. All kitchen's working staffs must have the staff  health certificate. 
All Bethel working staff should go through the interview of  Bethel, appraisal, orientation training and get the qualification certificate of completion before entry.  


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